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verything, s●aid Lyon, cheerfully.You see, the law ▓is particular, so I had to know exac▓tly.It w


ill be worth a month's salar●y to see old Howell's face whe●n he hears your story. He thought he ha●d really placed the estimate too low when ▓he sat watching that amazed ●gentleman listening to Kittie a few ●minutes later.That witch, wh●ose terror

s of the rigors of th▓e law had been somewhat soften▓ed by Percy's manner of receiving h▓er story, rose to the dramatic occasio●n and told her tale with a vivid▓ness and color that held Howell absor●bed from the beginning.He let her tell the whol●e without interruption, and when it was o▓ver he turned to Lyon, drawing him asi▓de so that Kittie should not hear. Perhaps y●ou don't remember, but for several week▓s before the murder there were stories

Aliquam Risus Justo

t that district, ▓frightening women and eluding▓ the police.There have been no such rep▓orts since


Fullerton was kill●ed.That explains the turned ▓overcoat worn inside-out for a disguise, a●nd the black silk muffler you foun▓d in the street.A quick change and the resp●ectable, black-coated Fullerton● had replaced the skulking vagrant i▓n gray that the police might ●be inquiring for.I am not a pio▓us man, but it strikes me as m▓ore than accident that the hand of● an innocent girl should be the instrument●, under Providence, to send him to h●is acc

ount.However, that is speculation.Thank▓ heaven I have some facts to deal with, at last●. And I've found the explana●tion of the cane business, said Lyon.Y▓ou can add that to your small but choice a▓ssortment of facts. And he related his enco▓unter with Mr.Wolcott, and the significan▓t facts that had been evolved fro▓m that gentle old peace-maker of can●ine quarrels. Howell rubbed his glasses,● and put them on to look at ▓Lyon, and then took

in. Well! he re▓marked.Well, well! It seemed inade●quate, but it was the best he could do with Kit●t

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from the▓ point of the rapid pencil, and even ▓when Mr.Howell bade her look at him and not ●at the stenographer, she could h▓ardly keep herself from turning● nervously to see if that thing● was still going.Then she had● to wait until it was all written out on t●he typewriter, and then Mr.Ho▓well read it all over to her and asked her ▓t


o sign it.It was all very exciting and inter▓esting, and Kittie made good use of it as materi▓al for tales afterwards.But whe●n it was over, and the box of chocolat▓es had been duly selected and sampled, Ki▓ttie suddenly felt that she had been ●living up to the character of a r

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